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Ventura Integral Blinds takes pride in being the trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Integral Blinds (also known as Integrated Blinds) in the UK. With our cutting-edge factory, we ensure that each blind we produce meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

What sets our Integral Blinds apart is their unique design, where the blinds are permanently enclosed between two glass panels in a sealed unit. This innovative construction not only creates a sleek and modern aesthetic but also provides exceptional insulation properties, thanks to the double-glazed unit. Say goodbye to traditional blinds that accumulate dust and require constant maintenance.

Our Integral Blinds offer the perfect solution to enhance the appearance of your windows, bi-folding doors, sliding doors, French doors, or conservatories. With a wide range of styles and colors available, you can effortlessly customize your space to match your personal taste and interior design preferences.

Functionality and modernity define our Integral Blinds. When closed, they exude elegance and style, instantly transforming the ambiance of any room. When open, they seamlessly blend into the glass, providing an unobstructed view and maximizing natural light.

Choose Ventura Integral Blinds for a reliable and comprehensive solution for your windows and doors. Experience the perfect combination of style, functionality, and insulation with our premium Integral Blinds. Contact us today, and let our experts guide you in selecting the ideal blinds for your home or business.

Integral Blinds Suppliers in UK

Magnetic Blinds

How It Works :

Our blind system is simple yet smooth to operate using external magnets. Raise, Lower and Tilt the blinds by effortlessly sliding the magnet up or down.




Choose the Magnet options for the frame option selected:
  • Single magnet for tilt, raise and lowering
  • Dual Magnet – 1 for tilt and turning, 1 for raise and lowering.
Magnet position:
  • Both magnets on left or right side. 
  • One magnet on left, one on right.

Symmetrical or Single-Sided Frame.

Integral Blinds Suppliers in UK

Double Side/Symmetrical

Integral Blinds Suppliers in UK

Single Side Frame

Integral Blinds Suppliers in UK

Controls & guide rails

When it comes to Integral Blinds, Magnetic Integral Blinds are without a doubt the most popular option among the other options. Two small discrete control blocks that sit on the face of the glass control our magnetic Integral Blinds. The magnetic control blocks are operated by hand; the controls easily slide up and down the face of the unit, raising and lowering the blind and tilting the blind open and closed. The blinds operate similarly to traditional blinds; one control tilts the blind open and closed, and the other raises and lowers the blind.
Our magnetic control blocks are always colour matched to your Integral Blinds. Our guide rail is a transparent strip which sits on the face of the glass allowing the magnet to glide over it smoothly.

Electric Blinds

Transform your windows into a stylish, functional centrepiece with our Integral Blinds! Our blinds system makes it easy for you to control the amount of light & privacy in your home or office with just two simple operations. Crafted from premium components and engineered for a reliable performance that stands the test of time, these blinds are sure to upgrade any living space.

Our revolutionary electric blinds are perfect for any home decor, require no unsightly wires or plugs, and are incredibly easy to install – all without sacrificing performance or durability. Take control of your windows and enjoy effortless privacy, lighting control, and style.

Our integral blinds are powered by a battery for effortless control of privacy and light. 

Experience the superior craftsmanship of Ventura Integral Blinds!


  • Precise control
  • Blinds can be raised or lowered to suit the weather conditions
  • Blinds can be tilted to regulate precise levels of light and privacy
  • More energy efficient, when closed, the blinds will create an additional barrier in the glass resulting in increased U-value of the glass
  • Dust free, hygienic and virtually no maintenance.
  • Easy to operate with our enhanced magnetic system
  • Cannot be physically touched, therefore cannot be damaged
  • Cord free, allowing them to be safe from children and pets, as they do not pose a safety risk
  • Easily operated without interfering with the action of the bi-fold door and windows.
  • Cutting edge blinds provides a modern and sophisticated look
  • Can be retrofitted

Customise your Blinds by choosing your colours, controls and frame:

Make your home stand out from the crowd with Ventura Integral Blinds. Our blinds add a unique aesthetic to your windows and doors, with a broad range of classic and contemporary finishes to choose from





Anthracite Grey




Customise your blinds by choosing your colours, controls and frame.

Mix and match your slats, frame, magnets, string, and ladder colour or go for fully colour coordinated look. 

In total there are 38 different possibilities you can choose from.

Energy efficiency

Are you looking for the perfect way to enhance your living space and make it more energy-efficient? Our integrated blinds offer the perfect combination of style, practicality and quality, so you can make the most of your space. Not only do they look great, but they also help to regulate energy usage – controlling heat in summer and maximising warmth in winter – as well as reducing glare from direct sunlight. Not to mention they'll also help increase your energy efficiency, creating an additional barrier in the glass that results in a higher U-value.

Get rid of bulky, outdated blinds and upgrade to Ventura Integral Blinds! Our state-of-the-art blinds are hygienically sealed and dust-free, making them perfect for any home or office to enjoy a tidier, dust-free environment. Plus, they're child and pet friendly - no strings attached! Ideal for windows, doors, sliding doors, French doors, conservatories and more.

Unbeatable lead time

Service that is both quick and efficient with our unbeatable lead time of 10 – 12 working days. Every aspect of the manufacturing process is managed in-house, from order placement to completion. With both the glass and blinds solutions under one roof, our lead times are drastically reduced.

Quality and Design

Our units are certified and comply with EN 1279 Part 2 and 3. We can also combine this with a range of specialised glass including solar control glass, acoustic laminated glass, fire rated glass or even triple glazing.
Our integral blinds have been tested for a service life of over 60,000 times in our rigorous testing programme.

Our Blinds can be fitted to new builds or retrofitted.


5 Years on Magnetic 
2 years on Electric. 
UK wide delivery and range of glass options available

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